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I cannot thank you enough for the speed and generosity with which you dealt with my request. I am thrilled with my nets and with the service you have given me.  Can I wish your company lots of well earned success.


Hazel Barr

Hi. My giant cloche arrived this morning and it was assembled and covering my crops within an hour of receiving. It's a great product and seems to be quite robust and certainly better than products I have tried previously. I even managed to assemble it without help which is quite unusual for me.

Not many butterflies around yet but now I am prepared!





Much appreciated. And by the way your nets and poles are the best on the market. Think you are the only ones who give a generous amount of net to ensure ease of coverage. Thank you


-Karen Reade



Just wanted to say Thank you ref my recent order.

So nice to order a high quality item that is delivered quickly and perfect for the job at a great price.

I will continue to recommend you to all on our Allotment.





''I got my netting this morning and would like to thank you for great customer service and your generosity in sending so much extra.

I put it on the cloche this afternoon and it looks perfect.''



''Keith I have now received the replacement netting which you kindly sent me. I would add that I have been extremely impressed with both your attitude and efficiency in the matter and would not hesitate to use your service again should the need arise. Regards''

-Roy Hanson


''Just a quick note. Thank you for your netting delivery yesterday. The new clips were superb, although I was not able to push them on with my fingers - due to my many hand and arm operations - it has left me weak in my fingers. But, I was able to overcome that using a pair of pliers to hold the clip and push. This mornings inspection showed everything to be OK and in order.

Unlike the trouble I am having with other Amazon suppliers concerning non-deliveries, with you I am very pleased. Tell me, what other products  you may handle, or is it only netting. I will contact you later for a fruit cage, although it is too late for this year, I have yet to prepare the area.

Once again, many thanks.

Kind regards




''I have put your nets on our blog as everybody has been asking me about them if you go onto our web site at vale road allotment society yup will see them.

Thanks again for your help pal.


-Mick Jewell


''Good item, good service, not much to add when you have one more happy customer. Thank you!"

-Yuliya Johnson


''I bought some rods and netting at the autumn Harrogate flower show and I can't tell you how happy I am with them, they're so versatile and I do plan to use them all year round in the garden as well as buy some more. The sales people were so down to earth and I would recommend you and your products to anyone no matter how big or small the garden.

Thank you sooo much.''

-Michelle Picken


"Best customer service I have ever had.  There was a technical hitch with the item purchased and I sent an email on a Sunday evening; I received a phone call on the Monday at 9am and the problem was resolved.  Excellent product, excellent customer service.  Very happy to recommend."

-Mrs Cooke


"At the edible garden show be bought some large cloches and others also a bike plant holder.  The cloches are really good and look so nice, I am really pleased with all items purchased from you and would recommend you to anyone that wants items. "

-Helen Sellars


"Dear Easynets, We have quite a few of your canes which are great to make small covers for the veg and I know that one of our plot holders bought some at Harrogate last year and she loves them.  She has MS and sometimes finds it hard to co-ordinate but she told me that she finds them very easy to manage."

- Rose from Hoylake Allotments


"Staff at Easynets

I write to thank you for the netting you sent me. I needed to have a Leylandii hedge removed as the bulk of it died and was supported only by ivy, which was thriving. I had the hedge removed, and a tongued fence erected. I spent a day going round garden centres in my locality (South Wiltshire) looking for netting that would be suitable to fix to my new fence which would help to inhibit weed growth in the new light that was suddenly adorning my garden. I found nothing. I mentioned this to my sister, and she said 'use the internet'. I confess that I am not a great internet user for shopping, as I like to see what I am buying, but i did go on the internet one evening, with nothing better to do, and within about 5 minutes I found 'EASYNETS' and they had just what I wanted. Normally I sleep on it, but this time I didn't, I placed my order, and it arrived by return of post. I was most impressed, and I would certainly use them again. "

- Jen N. (Salisbury)


"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic products and service I received from you. I bought a pre-assembled net from you at the Tatton Park show but when I got it home it was the wrong size. You replaced it for me quickly and I am delighted with the product, design and service. Thank you,"

- Karen Rostron


"Dear Easynets

I recently brought 4 of your large garden cloches at 3 metres long. They have been great at keeping the local foxes and cats off my raised beds."

- Daniel Warboys


"Used Easynets now for over a year, and I keep going back for more. I keep finding things to use the rods for, and the 20mm green net is very strong. Last winter over a 6ft x 4ft area it held over 4inch of snow. Find the owner and staff genuine and helpful. Neighbours on adjoining allotments have also used rods and netting." 

- Ken from Leeds


"The gear you supply has so far been excellent and very easy to deal with. I only wish I'd come across it before - having tried all sorts of ways to fix up netting and wasted pounds in the process!"

- D. Hall


"I bought some of your nets at Lincoln last year and they have been very successful standing up to the most severe gales."

-Mike Newton


"Item dispatched very quickly...and received promptly, well packed and in perfect condition. Looks beautiful, much better then in the picture. Beautiful addition to my lounge corner. Highly recommended. Thank you"

-Nicola Parfitt